Four Reasons You Should Be Reading To Your Child

Whether it's a bedtime story or a reading nook in their play area, it's important for children to develop an interest in reading. While reading can definitely help a child from an academic standpoint, it also offers a number of additional benefits in other facets of their life.

Spark A Love For Reading

Children are creatures of habit. What they see their parents engaging in, they are often attracted to. You can help your child develop a love for reading by sharing a book together each day. Through stories filled with interesting characters and intriguing plot lines, your child will be drawn to the magical ride reading a book can take them on. Reading together may have started as your idea, but your children will quickly fall in love with this nightly routine.

Expand Vocabulary

Before children are able to read, they learn new words through oral language experiences, like listening to adults converse or from someone reading to them. Hearing words is how they expand their vocabulary. Especially if your child is not of reading age, reading to them each day is especially helpful. The more words your child is familiar with, they more word meanings they know which will help them with their communication skills and reading comprehension skills as they mature.

Stimulate Creativity

Tablets, televisions, video games and other devices offer children rich and vivid imagery. However, they don't allow children to create their own story. With a book, a child has the opportunity to transform the words they read into their own mental, visual interpretation, helping stimulate their creativity. Children who are creative are often better problem solvers because they have the cognitive ability to look at a challenge and explore different solutions in their mind.

Enjoy Quality Time

Reading together can offer one of the most important things a developing child needs: quality time with their parent. With all the busy demands of life, it can be a challenge to focus solely on your child. When you read with your child, they have your undivided attention. Children who get this type of interaction with their parents on a regular basis often feel loved and appreciated, which can breed a more confident child.

Reading to your child can offer many more benefits than addressed here. However, what's most important is that all of these benefits are long lasting. Remember, the skills you equip your child with today will be skills they can use their entire life. Try visiting a new or used bookstore with your child to engage them in learning more about the joy of reading.

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