Finding Community And Meaning In Your Local Church

Many people have a negative feeling toward attending church because of bad past experiences or stereotypes of churches as havens of the elderly and those who like to dress up.

There are also many individuals who are filled with doubt about the meaning of life and are adrift in an endless search for contentment through constant running and pleasure seeking, only to remain as empty as before when the party is over and the music stops.

It's ironic that people often feel more alone in large cities, surrounded by other people, than in smaller communities whose social structures are built around their churches. Maybe it is time to ask yourself if you should check out the community church near you.

What can community churches provide in addition to religious services?


If you're new in town or just feel alone in the place where you've resided for years, the church provides an opportunity to meet other individuals who feel the same way. Many community churches offer group activities for both young people and adults, as well as classes in useful subjects such as English for speakers of other languages and those promoting health such as Tai Chi and Yoga.


 In a society that equates material goods and constant discontentment with the pursuit of happiness, many individuals want something more.

For better or worse, humans have a rational mind, and can no longer be content with just following their instinctual drives. The teachings of the church provide a moral base on which an individual can stand.

Whether or not you believe in the more metaphysical aspects of a church's teachings, the moral aspects are admirable and offer a guideline on how to live a life with meaning and purpose.

Structure and continuity

Church provides a way of continuing vanishing traditions through services that follow a member from birth to death. Christenings, baptisms, marriages, and funerals are all designed to bind members together to share in joy and grief, to celebrate happy times and console in times of loss.

A community church should make all members of the community feel welcome and loved, fulfilling the most important teachings of the church. You may need to bypass a few churches to find the one for you, but you will recognize it by the open arms it offers to all and the joy amidst the trials of life that resides inside its walls.

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