Personal Struggles And A Book About Relationships With God

People develop a stronger relationship with God in many ways. Going to church, attending a spiritual retreat, or going on a religious pilgrimage helps build the relationship. So do everyday things such as taking a meditative walk. Reading about ways to develop a healthier relationship helps, too. Many books on this subject present their topic in an upbeat manner. And then some works come from an author who dealt with personal struggles. While a book listing several helpful steps to strengthening a relationship may be a good read, so is the tale of someone who overcame difficulties. Spiritual persons can learn engaging lessons from someone who struggled.

Everyone's Road to Damascus

The tale of Paul the Apostle highlights how someone with a "wayward" life can turn things around. Paul walked away from being a persecutor of Christians to become a devout follower of Christ. He did so after a life-changing experience on the road to Damascus. Many people go through a personal rebirth that leads them to give up a problematic, harmful life. Many turn to God afterward. St. Augustine did so, which represents another famous example. Many other stories feature average people who went through extraordinary journeys. Bookstores present many of their tales, and these life stories are worth checking out.

Lessons Learned from Others

When people face difficult times, their attitudes can become cynical. Poor life choices might cause some to embrace a self-centered perspective. Few could make a case that a decision is either mentally or spiritually healthy. Someone who decides to make positive changes in life may cast aside the negativity and the anchoring actions and beliefs. A stronger relationship with God may come from this situation. While the person's life journey may be rife with struggles, the path can lead to a positive outcome. Reading about a person's life could teach lessons about how to move past difficulties, make improvements, and grow closer to God.

Personal Stories Generate Passion

History shows us that personal stories deliver passion that can move people. Self-help "relationship with God" books could still be well-written and inspiring. They may be worth reading, too. However, those books tend to move people more pragmatically than passionately. A life story filled with ups and downs and personal anecdotes touches others differently. Passion may leap from the page as the words drive more impact. Perhaps this can lead the reader to take action. That action, of course, involves building a closer relationship with God.

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